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Atg5 KO mice

material nameAtg5 KO mice
pricenon-profit institution:
preparation and distribution costs
(exclusive of postage)
profit institution:negotiable
characteristicsautophagy KO mice
property rights
conditions of use:cite the original publications designated by the depositor as follows
Nature. 2004 Dec 23; 432 (7020): 1032-6.
:the ownership of the new material or invention through the use of this mice will be negotiated

:others; the terms and conditions set forth in MTA
State of preservationFrozen Embryo
relevant literatureThe role of autophagy during the early neonatal starvation period.
relevant literature

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researcherNoboru Mizushima
laboratoryThe University of Tokyo, Graduate School and Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Web site
providermice key bank
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