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CD40L Tg

material nameCD40L Tg
pricenon-profit institution:
preparation and distribution costs
(exclusive of postage)
profit institution:negotiable
inflammatory bowel diseases
property rights
conditions of use:coauthor
:Prohibition of MATERIAL transfer to a third party
without TMDU's prior written consent
:the ownership of the new material or invention through the use of this mice will be negotiated
:others; the terms and conditions set forth in MTA
State of preservationfrozen embryo
relevant literature
relevant literature

You need to submit other documents when the material is provided by the facilities of the university, not by a researcher.

researcherTakeshi Tsubata
laboratoryDepartment of Immunology
Web sitehttp://www.tmd.ac.jp/mri/imm/HP/index.html
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